Festival Rules

We like being free spirits, but we still have some rules to help ensure everyone enjoys their stay at Tanglewood.

No Dickheads – If you are one, do not buy a ticket. We want everyone to enjoy their time at Tanglewood Festival.

Drugs – Tanglewood Festival does not condone the use ofillicit drugs or the overconsumption of alcohol. Stay safe, and look after the people around you. You may be refused service at the bar or asked to stop drinking by security staff if you appear intoxicated if you do not comply you may be escorted from the
festival site. We do not condone any drug use, but GHB and ICE will not be tollerated and any drug traffickers will be evicted from site and police notified. We do however promote harm minimasation at our event so if you are in need of medical attention at any time please do not hesitate to approach our medical
staff. Your safety is important to us.

No Fires – There is a total fire ban onsite at all times. Its mid-summer and we are surrounded by bushland. This means a total ban on gas bottles, fuel, fire toys (use LED instead), incense, candles, cooking facilities and any open flames. Please do not risk peoples safety or our permit over a simple request.

Leave no trace – everything that comes with you leaves with you! We want to see decor and fun camps but all must go home with you including your campsite rubbish.

No plastic bottles or one off costumes – We are trying to become as sustainable as possible, but this requires your help. Try to avoid plastic throw away bottles and bring a stainless steel reusable or 20litre reusable containers. We will have plenty of water for you to fill up on on site. And please find some favorite
costumes that can stay with you for years to come, hit up the opp shops not the $2 shops!

No Nangs – They may not be illegal but we do not want to see the waste or any harm come to patrons. This will be enforced.

No Renegade Stages – Our permit conditions do not allows us to permit renegade stages at any time of the festival.

Respect your fellow campers. We have the main areas for you to party and be loud, please respect people in the camping area that might be looking for some quiet time.

No Glass –All glass will be confiscated. This is for yours and the animals safety. Be sure to pour any glass bottle drinks into plastic or stainless steel, or simply buy in cans.

No Driving –No driving on site once you arrive unless you are leaving.

No Bare Feet – For your safety, you are required to wear appropriate footwear at all times.

No Pets – We are animal lovers, but please leave your dogs and all other animals at home.

No camping under trees – branches can drop on campsite and patrons, please do not camp or climb

Trespassers will be Prosecuted –All participants will be issued appropriate identification, anyone found without proof of participation will be prosecuted. We have plenty of volunteer positions for anyone looking for a free ticket. We do not make money out of the event and it also risks our permit, when neighbours
complain about sneak ins on their properties.

Respect the Boundaries –Do not cross festival boundaries, you may be trespassing on private land. Beyond the site fence lines you are no longer Tanglewood Festivals responsibility and do so at your own risk, participants found to be trespassing will be asked to leave the festival as in line with our permit

Keep your Campsite Clean – You will receive to separate rubbish bags, one for general waste and one for recycling. Please use them.

No Cigarette Litter – Cigarette butts need to be disposed of appropriately, i.e. safely and in the bin provided.

Follow Fire Safety & Planning – Fire exits and roads must be clear for emergency vehicles at all times.

Photo ID required –Even if you look 100 we still need to see it at the bar and on entry.

Pass Outs –will be granted between 10am and 4pm only.