Gate & Camping

Camping & Gate Times

On arrival you will receive a wristband, map and directions. Camp humbly and with friends you love and adore. We invite you to bring amazing décor’ and fun things to share with people around you, but please ensure everything that comes with you goes home with you.

Camping must be within designated blocks and access roads must be clear at all times or vehicles will be towed. We remind everyone that we do not condone the use of illicit substances or over consumption of alcohol. Designate a driver and stay safe. Victoria Police will be running drug dog and bus operations arriving and leaving the event. Patrons must leave by 12pm on the 2 nd of January, a free breath test will be available at the gate. If you are unable to drive, you can catch the public bus or arrange for someone to pick you up.

We like carpooling and responsible drivers, if you are looking for a ride or know of any awesome ones, use our facebook page (will give link to facebook ticket swap and ride share event page closer to event) to find travel buddies for the adventure ahead.

Motor homes, vans, camper trailers areall permitted and can be parked in designated camping blocks. For fire safety, gas bottles attached to campervans will beheld at the gates and returned when you leave.


Family and easy access camping.

Family camping will be located at the back of main camping area for quieter camping. We suggest early arrival to secure a good spot in shade and close to facilities. Disabled and easy access camping will be located close to the event arena and markets, near the main toilet block and will have an easy access toilet located in the block.



Please make sure your tickets are printed or accessible on your phone, bring ID and arrive with the people you purchased tickets with. This all is a must to ensure you a smooth entry. Cars will be searched on arrival so please see the list of what to bring and rules on what not to bring.

No entrance to the event will be granted outside of gate times listed below. Do not arrive early or after hours or you will be asked to leave and come back during opening times. Any one arriving after sundown will be required to park in the over night car park and carry their tent in to the camping area.


Gates Times

30/12– 11 am – 12am midnight (Music starts at 3pm)
31/12– 9am – 10pm.
01/01– 9am – 8pm. (Music ends 9pm)
02/01 – Gates open, patrons must exit by 12pm midday.


Pass outs

Pass outs are permitted between 11:00am and 4:00pm only. There isno driving on festival or camp areas during the event, any car wishing to use a pass out will have to be parked at the camp perimeter. Any one caught driving on the event site will be evicted. We take no driving on site seriously for everyone’s safety. Any one arriving after sundown will be required to park in the over night car park and carry their tent in to the camping area.