Biography Wild Marmalade

“The more you move the more we groove.” WM

Australian band Wild Marmalade are the pioneers of the didgeridoo and drum sound that is now a global phenomena. From their humble origins as street entertainers in the late 90’s they have taken their unique brand of didgeridoo and drum dance music to stages, clubs and festivals the world over.

Cirque du Soleil were one of the first to be interested in the Marmalade sound. Composer Benoit Jutras said after experiencing Wild Marmalade play for the first time said that it was "... the most uplifting, energetic live performance I saw in my life......A unique experience."

With a strong following in Japan, Australia and Europe, Wild Marmalade have seeded a movement of people around the world that have a taste for dance music played totally live, with only human energy and power. They have regularly played at electronic dance music festivals such as Boom (Portugal) and Ozora (Hungary), Folk Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), and have consistently toured Japan, Europe and Australia every year since 2000.

With their ethos of free-play improvisation it is impossible not to be carried away by their dance spell. Every performance is a unique journey, crafted specifically for the time, place and people present. The band enter the show arena empty handed, no set list, no plan whatsoever, just free minds in a sea of energy, ready to go.

In a world where nearly everything is ordered and rehearsed. Wild Marmalade deliver a wholehearted journey into the present moment with a kind of reckless abandon that defies categorization.

Uplifting, inspired, human powered dance music unparalleled in the world today.