Security & Medical


We have the Guarded Security Group to help keep you safe over the event period. Remember our NO DICKHEAD policy, anyone who does not bring the good vibes or behaves in an anti-social manner will be escorted off site without a refund.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with someone’s behaviour please let one of our staff and security know immediately. We are all here to help, and there will be a security member stationed at first aid all night and roving through the festival site. If you can not see a security or crew member, just ask a fellow patron for help to find someone. It might be nothing but if you do not feel safe letting someone know is the best option and no harm can come of that.

First Aid

The closest emergency center is over an hour away, if you or one of your friends does not feel okay or is showing signs of illness or exhaustion, immediately let first aid know, our medical staff are highly experienced and very friendly. Medical Edge Australia will also be stationed onsite to look after you over the event period. In the case of an emergency, Medical Edge will call ‘000’ emergency services and assist until their arrival. We strongly advise that all patrons attending the event have ambulance cover as Tanglewood Festival organisers will not be responsible for any costs incurred for an emergency ambulance call out.

Also be sure you bring any medication you might need as there is no pharmacy in the local township although you will find one 15 minutes away in Alexandra. If you have asthma and/or allergies please come prepared with your medication and present to First Aid early if you are concerned or experiencing difficulty.