What to Bring

What to bring

  • Drinking Water – Reusable 10 litre + water container and a reusable drink bottle. PLEASE NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC BOTTLES. There is free drinking water available onsite, but we do not want to see single use plastic bottles. We strive to minimise waste and stay hydrated.
  • Your Ticket – Download to your phone before you arrive or bring an old school printed version, either will work.
  • Photo ID – Valid Australian photo ID or a passport if you are travelling.
  • Cash – Cash out options will be limited.
  • Reusable cup, water bottle, plate, bowl, knife and fork. – Tanglewood Festival is getting rid of single use crockery and plastic water bottles. To make this happen, you will be charged for the hire of them if you do not have your own.
  • Medication – If you have asthma and/or allergies please bring your medication and seek immediate assistance from the first aid tent if you are concerned or experiencing difficulty.
  • First Aid Kit – We have an amazing medical team on site but for the simple things like bandaids or panadol it is easier to bring your own.
  • Appropriate Shoes – For your feet… you will need them on our bush based festival site, they are a must.
  • Warm and waterproof clothes – It’s usually 30 degrees during the day, but it can get quite cold at night, appropriate footwear like gumboots if the weather looks wet are tons of fun.
  • Sun Protection – slip on some long sleeves, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.
  • Face washer or what ever you need to keep yourself fresh.
  • Alcohol –Buy cans or pour your glass drinks into reusable bottles before arriving at the festival as glass will not be accepted on-site. Locally, we have Good Brew Bar on-site and the Rubicon Hotel in Thornton has a large stock of tasty beverages in cans. All glass will be confiscated and donated to crew after party!
  • Cold food and munchies! – Strict fire restrictians mean no cooking and no fires! Please ensure you bring enough cold food to get you through.

Other useful items

  • Tooth brush, tooth paste and other hygiene personals.
  • Cameras
  • Cold food and munchies
  • Ice and eski
  • Torch
  • Tent and bedding
  • Bug Repellent
  • Toilet Paper
  • Mobile Phone and Chargers
  • Dust mask or bandana
  • Camp solar shower
  • Bathers and towel (for the river off-site)
  • Shade or marquee for camp area
  • Ear plugs and eye mask
  • Hydrolyte and first aid
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Extra batteries for torch or other camp accessories.
  • Rubbish bags
  • Duct tape and cable ties
  • Watch
  • Jumper cables
  • Deck of cards and travel chess
  • LED twirling toys and hoola hoops (no fire toys or fuel)



  • Reusable cup, water bottle, plate, bowl, knife and fork
  • Pre cooked meats for wraps or sandwhiches
  • Tuna
  • Wrap bread or sandwhich bread
  • Dips
  • Crackers
  • Salads
  • Fresh fruit
  • Juice
  • Coconut water
  • Peanut butter and celery
  • Energy and muesli bars
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Chips, candy

Most of all, bring your good vibes


What not to bring

  • Dogs or Pets
  • Fire, flammable liquids, BBQs, Fuel or fire toys.
  • Glass
  • Nangs
  • We do not condone the use of illicit substances but the use of Ice or GHB will not be
  • tolerated
  • Waste, try to minimise the rubbish you bring and cause. As an adult we will expect you to take responsibility for your own waste and ask you leave no trace and take your rubbish home
  • Glitter and other disposable $2 outfits and knick knacks. We love seeing the creativity put into costumes but encourage you to please take a look at the impact of your outfit
  • No single use water bottles, crockery or cutlery
  • No bean bags
  • No weapons
  • No bad behaviour 

Read Festival Rules and Terms and Conditions for full details.